Personal Letter From Dr. Meier Regarding Online Allegations

Dear friends,

unfortunately, someone has posted lies and false accusations about me on the Internet.  I would like to post the truth to counter this cowardly act, and looking to you to write your personal opinion about me. 

Hemis Corporation was first listed in February 2007 and started trading at $0.80 per share.  The stock rose up to $3.50 for a short while but traded mainly around $1.00 to $1.50 for the first year.  Over 50 million shares were traded in the first year.  The company’s initial investors were able to buy the shares at $0.275 per share before the company went public ($0.55 before the 2:1 stock split).  All initial investors made money. 

Hemis ran out of money when the stock fell due to the economic downturn in the market in 2008.  The company is still trading and will be reorganized in 2012 to make amends with its current investors.

Tecton Corporation was the victim of a handful of promoters that promoted the stock in the market and then sold all of their shares which ended up killing the company’s stock price.  It is important to note that neither myself, as CEO nor Bruno Weiss, the CFO sold one single share in the market nor we were not responsible for that trading activity.  Some unsophisticated investors drew the wrong conclusions and accused the management team for the falling price of the stock, even though they had nothing to do with it.  The people who were responsible were arrested and, charged and fined.  The management sued the promoters for their wrongdoings and defamation of character.  The promoter Chad Smanjak fled the country and is on the run. 

I have always been a person of high integrity.  I have never ever been sued, arrested or charged with anything.  I have always acted as a professional in the financial field and in business.  My expertise in precious metals as well as other resource based investments makes me a specialist in this field, and it is my hope that you will pass this along to counteract the negative things that were posted, that hurt not only my reputation,  but the reputation of others who weren’t even involved with the above listed companies.

                                                                                                                Thank you,


                                                                                                                Dr. Norman Meier


About aviaramining

Norman V. Meier N. Meier has been an investment professional since 1995. He has held executive positions with top-tier global investment firms such as MAN Investments, AWD in Switzerland, and Canaccord Capital Corporation in Canada. He also founded a Swiss financial services firm, which has been licensed by the Swiss Banking Commission and registered with a self-regulatory organization. Mr. Meier has well-established relationships with institutional investors in both North America and Europe. N. Meier has a PhD in Human Behavior, an MBA and a BA, all from Newport University in Switzerland. He holds two designations from the Canadian Securities Institute: a Canadian Investment Manager Designation and a Derivatives Market Specialist Designation. He is a member of the FCSI (Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute) in Canada. He has a financial planning designation from AWD Switzerland and nine other finance diplomas. As a former stock broker and financial consultant he has had over 3000 face to face sales appointments. Lead his team to raising over $400 million in 6 years from private clients in Switzerland. Lead his team to raising over $600 million from institutional investors in the hedge fund industry. He has personally raised over $35 million in private equity from European investors.
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